80 SHADES OF GREY – Staying Young #4


  1. Continue with the calorie-restrictive diet. To make the experience more unique (and challenge your taste buds), you might even try eating vegan for a day.
  2. Scan your life and home for environmental issues. Check for asbestos, lead paint, and radon. While you’re looking open the windows and vent your home to air out toxins that are locked into modern airtight living spaces.
  3. Just for today, turn off the TV and don’t read the newspaper. Use the computer only as needed for work or important tasks. No Web surfing. Take the time and practice some stress-reduction techniques.
  4. List the 2 things in your life that stress you the most, and for each identify at least 2 concrete steps you can take to feel better about the issue. Each week assess how well you’ve succeeded and make practical adjustments in your plan.

Thank you for staying with me and our journey through 80 Shades of Grey

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