One hundred twenty five days of Covid 19. Four months. 120 days.  Two thousand eight hundred eighty hours. One hundred seventy two thousand and eight hundred minutes.  If you work from home you can subtract Two hundred forty hours for work.  Eating, cleaning, playing, exercising , and shopping took another four hundred eighty hours.  If you were able to sleep eight hours a night, that’s another nine hundred sixty hours.  That leaves four hundred eighty hours.  Or four hours a day to do ??? Your choice.  What did you do with your four hours a day?  Watch tv.  Some of it.  Listen to the radio.  Probably.  Talk to friends and family.  Definitely.  Stare into space.  Maybe.

There will not be a vaccine until the end of this year, if we are lucky.  Infections are not going down.  Your probably have a family member or friend or two who have been sickened.  I have.

What are your leaders doing to help?  I live in Oregon and Governor Brown is doing an excellent job with little help from the federal government except to send Home Land Security soldiers to intimidate, gas, and arrest protestors in Portland.  Our two senators, Merkely and Wyden have taken the cause to Congress.  Our leader ( I use the term loosely) is sending troops to other cities, all democratic at this point.  Is the crime so awful in Portland to need outside intervention.  Oregon says no.  Even the mayor of Portland was teargassed.  Eugene is planning demonstrations, so we may see soldiers here…uninvited.

It is only three months until we vote in November.  We must be prepared.  Vote Blue.

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