Well, well, well…it finally happened to me. Yes, on Sunday, July 3 I became a covid case. Fever and chills, some coughing, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, muscle aches, no headache (haven’t had a headache since menopause) no loss of taste or smell, no sore throat, congestion, runny nose, nausea, no diarrhea.

Took one of my free self-tests, which was negative! By the way, be sure to check the sale by date. The first one I used was too old. The instructions were not easy to follow when you’re sick. The second one was easier but still negative. I am sitting there bundled up like I live in the arctic the test says I’m not sick.

Anyway, to be safe I put myself on quarantine, which ends today. On Friday July 9 I went to Peace Health Urgent Care on West 11th and had a proper test. 24 hours later it said negative. Tomorrow i will eat in the dining room of my retirement home rather than have a tray delivered. I will also wear a mask indoors, avoid crowed areas, wash my hands often and watch for any returning symptoms for the next 10 days as suggested by the CDC.

Yes, I have had all the recommended vaccines. Lane County (OR) is under medium risk right now, so be careful. The Pandemic is not over.

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