80 SHADES OF GREY – Grief #2

It is very disturbing to learn that some children in the Uvalde Texas massacre could have been saved if the police had done their duty! Let us hope that some kind of punishment will be meted out to the police officers.

On another front, we need to stop the gun lobby from influencing gun control legislation. Apparently, Trump suggested strong sanctions on guns when he was in office, but his advisors told him he would lose his base. Do rural white males have more influence than the rest of us?

And teachers do not want guns in their classrooms. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the nation’s teachers walked out? In some cases, they might be fired, but where would districts find replacements?

President Bidon needs to write an executive order about guns. The Senate will never approve of strict gun control at this time. Sad days. Terrible days.

“Recalling this now, I can tell only the husk of the story — a story known inwardly only by those who have experienced such a loss (of a child), which we’d wish for no one to suffer. Those who have not often say, “I can’t imagine how you felt, what that was like.” I can hardly imagine it either, even having lived through it. Recently, when someone said that I found myself answering, “Like being burned alive/”

–Elaine Pagels, Why Religion? A Personal Story

“As children, we look to adults to be perfect and say the right thing. Mama Taaq, face streaked grey from dust and tears, should have replied to her shivering, shuddering child: “You did everything right, my darling. You did everything you could and none of this is your fault. Later she would say those words, but later was too late, because that night all she did was cry and turn away from her still living daughter to try and find her dead one. These things are entirely natural and understandable — just not to a child.”

–Claire North, Notes from the Burning Age

“On this day innocence was drowned in water, and puberty terminated by the blade of the guillotine.”

–Valintine Okolo, I Will Be Silent

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