80 SHADES OF GREY – #6 Strengthen Your Relationships

  1. Carve out at least one hour to do something as a family.
  2. Practice a day of nonjudgement, where you live, work, and observe without judging – both inside and outside yourself.
  3. Stop the calorie restricted diet. Continue to eat nutrient rich, calorie poor healthy foods with ingredients that increase longevity. the key to success is making the process of preparing and eating healthy snacks and meals easy and automatic.

Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and snacks, but also get in the habit of automating them so that you eat healthfully without having to labor over choices. Find 3 or so breakfasts, lunches, and snacks and dinners if you choose that you like and eating one of them every day. When you automate your eating behavior with good choices, you’ll have mastered one of the crucial steps to fueling your body with ingredients that help you live strong and long.

Quote of the Day:

Ralph Waldo Emerson (b. 1803 -d. 1882) American Philosopher and Poet

“Open the doors of opportunity to talent and virtue and they do themselves justice, and property will not be in bad hands. In a free and just commonwealth, property rushes from the idle and imbecile to the industrious, brave and persevering.”

Speech of 1868

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