80 SHADES OF GREY – Stories

Now that we have a good background about sex and seniors, let us move on. This is the first in a series of fictional stories about a fictional senior retirement center. None of these tales are true, but they could be!


“Excuse me, is that Linda’s grandson?” I asked my dinner mate. “I haven’t seen him here before.”

“I’m not sure, but he certainly is handsome”, Joan replied. “I thought her grandson had ginger hair, but I could be mistaken”.

“Yes, I think you are right. Maybe she has another,” I answered. “Well, whoever he is, he is very good looking.”

Joan smiled. “We can enjoy the view. After all, we are old, but not dead.”

Laughter erupted at the table.

John said, “Whatever. Here is my prime rib. I love Friday night dinners. Ahh, and here comes the wine. I propose a toast to good food, fine wine, and great company!”

We all raised our glasses and loudly cried CHEERS!

After dinner there was a great jazz combo playing in the lounge and I forgot about Linda and her young man.

Lying in bed that night, I wondered again if he was her grandson. Or could she have hired a young lover? Linda was well off financially and took short trips out of town often. Could she have been meeting a man for sex? Linda was slender, had dyed her hair blond and was very fit. I wouldn’t blame her if that was so. I drifted off and dreamt of a beautifully fit younger man making love to me. Wow! Probably reading too many romance novels! The dream was pretty racy, and followed me through the next day, so I wrote it into my journal.

“He was running his lips down my jaw to the heated flesh between my neck and shoulder. His breath was even hotter. I shivered, my nipples tightening in response as my hands slid down his back to his hips. Flicking the tip of my tongue across the velvety lobe of his ear, I chuckled with satisfaction as his hips jerked against me.”

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