80 SHADES OF GREY – Sex Bucket List

Wow! Who ever thought of this? Well, the author is Prescott Lane and it is the title of one of her romance novels that I found on Bookbub.com. Humorous and touching. Well worth the read.

Here’s how the story goes:

Emerson is ready to reclaim her life. Her husband might have left her to juggle 3 kids and the family business, but enough wine and girl talk can get a lady through anything. A little more wine and one’s girl night out she’s also armed with a special sort of bucket list. Her girlfriends insist the drought she’s in has to end and Emerson’s more than willing. Particularly when a certain handsome co-working is involved. Armed with new lingerie, a fancy high tech toy, and a list of things to try, she’s ready to take charge of love, her life, and her libido. How much trouble can one well-meaning woman get into?

Here’s her Sex Bucket list

  1. Give panties to a stranger
  2. Bondage play
  3. Threesome with 2 men
  4. Tantric sex
  5. Make a sex tape
  6. Learn to twerk (dancing in a sexual manner, thrusting hips forward with knees bent)
  7. Give myself multiple orgasms
  8. Selfish sex
  9. Pole dancing
  10. Unselfish sex
  11. Reverse cowgirl
  12. Ask a man out
  13. Give a strip tease
  14. Spanking
  15. Take naughty pictures of myself
  16. Use a blindfold
  17. Go without panties all day (not so good for older women)
  18. Use nipple clamps
  19. Orgasm in a public place
  20. Sex with a younger man
  21. Feather play
  22. Work through the Kama Sutra

That is come list!!! What would yours be?

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