80 SHADES OF GREY – Sex tips

Shirley Zussman, Ph.D. graduated from college in 1934. There was no such thing as sex therapy, so she became a marriage and family therapist.

She and her husband, a gynecologist, attended a lecture by the famous Masters and Johnson that made them interested in helping people with their sex lives. Dr Zussman and her husband became directors of a sex therapy program in Long Island, opened a private practice in New York City, and wrote a sex Q&A column in GLAMOUR magazine in the 1980s. Zussman practiced until she was 100 in August of 2014. She died at 107 in 2021.

Dr Ruth (Ruth Westheimer) the sex therapist and talk show host studied under Zussman at Columbia University.

Here are some sex tips from the good doctors:

  1. Find out what you want, and don’t be shy about getting it.
  2. Put sex at the top of your to do list.
  3. Create a sex sanctuary.
  4. It doesn’t take much to get Freaky. Don’t feel guilty about fantasizing while having sex. What does on in your head is acceptable, no matter what.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with a little kinky fuckery.
  6. Casual sex can be done right. As long as you’re using PROTECTION, not too drunk to know what’s going on and don’t mind if the guy doesn’t call you in the future.
  7. Never forget about Foreplay. Things like oral sex and touching have been going on forever. Getting there is half the fun and with sex it’s probably more than half.
  8. Don’t worry about Sexual Plateaus. As long as you make sex a priority, your can keep things hot for decades. The ability and desire to be sexually active, especially in women, is there as long as you live

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