We must not impose unrealistic expectation on older people. Most older people have not, according to research from Age UK, been sexually active for over the past year and were not worried about it.

Sexual interest and behavior of healthy men and women living in residential communities is still there. For both the most common activity was touching and caressing, followed by masturbation, followed by intercourse. All analyses revealed more activity and enjoyment by men. Physical and social factors play an important role.

Sex with a partner: 73% – 57-64

53% – 64-75

26% – 75-85

Active means 2 or 3 times a month. Half up to age 75 have oral sex. Half of men and 1/4 of women masturbated, regardless of having a partner.

While physical challenges occur more often with age, the emotional side of sex appears more fulfilling for people over 80. Sex is not defined by penetrations. Some older people find more imaginative ways to keep their sex lives active. They are more content with kissing and cuddling and general intimacy.

80 seems to be the cutting off point. 1 in 10 women over 85 and 1/4 of men enjoy sex. They are the MINORITY.

Having a partner is IMPORTANT! Many people in their 80s are widowed or divorced. The sexual survivors are the healthiest. Older people are often dismissed when speaking to their doctor about their sexual problems. Not good. Better to know that you COULD enjoy a later-life sexual peak.

As women age their rate of sexual satisfaction decreased while men increased.

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