Desire. Desire. Desire. That is where it all begins.

My retirement home feeds us well, entertains us creatively, cleans our apartments weekly, and supplies safety measures galore!

We (or is it just I?) desire more. In my 80s my sex drive is not what it was in my 60s, but it is still there, simmering beneath my skin, making me restless and filled with longing.

Desire. Desire. Desire. That is where it all begins.

There is no one here to fill this emptiness, and even if there were, how would it work?

However, people in their 80s want and have sex. GET OVER IT!

Conventions has been that older people are not sexually active or interested in intimate sexual relationships. Some laugh, or show disgust…ugh…at grandma getting it on or simply don’t believe 70 and 80 year olds have any interest in sex.


We may be old, but we are not dead. We still look at nice looking men…or women and still fantasixe about how it would be, even if nothing happens.

In research by reputable sources, they found that half of men and a third of women over 70 were still sexually active. (Note…The math escapes me. So, if 90 men are having sex and only 30 women, does that mean 60 men are in a homosexual relationship? Interesting…)

Sexually active means having intercourse twice a month or more. 2/3 of men and 1/2 of women thought good sexual relations were essential to the maintenance of a long term relationship. (Back to our 90 men and 30 women…60 men want sex long term and only 15 women. Interesting…)

However, sexual problems are common. 1/3 of women have difficulty becoming aroused and achieving orgasm. For men difficulties getting it up and keeping an erection are common. Sounds like the odds are stacked against us. Sigh…

2 thoughts on “80 SHADES OF GREY – DESIRE

  1. At 71.9 I so totally agree with you! My partner is 65, and seems to have lost track of his libido. I have not. No issues with arousal or orgasm – never has been. NOT as a solicitation, but as a side hack, I sell a popular brand of bedroom accessories – and my biggest clientele are 60+ year old women. This absolutely delights me because so many of us are single due to some life circumstance, with partners who are still playful, or with partners that deal with ED. That these ladies are so open to caring for their own needs is joyful. They are also a delight to do in-home parties with because of how they encourage each other! No, we are NOT dead, but VERY much alive and vibrant! Hurray!!!!!

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