Pandemic Panic?

Well, this is day…………………..whatever of the Covid 19 pandemic. This all started on March 13, 2020 and is still going. In fact the impact is stronger with more deaths than ever before. I won’t bore you with the numbers. You know how bad it is. We’ve been wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart, and washing out hands every hour or so. One relative of mine thought she had it, but after testing, found she didn’t, which is good. Many people I know have reduced income, which is not good.

I live in a retirement home. On Friday November 13 we had our first case. One resident is in the hospital, and one staff member is in quarantine. All staff have been tested, but are not back to work yet. I am going to get a test tomorrow, so I will know before Thanksgiving. In fact, I will be leaving the Hotel Retirement Center and going to stay with my sister and her husband at the Oregon Coast. Governor Brown has declared a lockdown of the the state of Oregon until December 3 and then she will reevaluate. Schools are planning for virtual learning after the Thanksgiving break. Universities also. Our county numbers have spiked.

Why are people not taking this seriously? Is wearing a mask so hard? Not traveling? Not going to bars and restaurants, except to eat outside? Maybe because of my age, but I am following the rules. I want to be around to visit my family in 2021 and beyond.

Which brings me to the second panic button. The election. Yes, I worked hard to get out the blue votes, writing postcards and letters. Yes, I voted for Biden/Harris. Yes, I am happy to know that we will have President Biden sworn in on January 20. I am not happy with the response of the dtrump camp and most republicans. DT never had a plan to corral the virus. Never had a plan to help the millions of people out of work. Never had a plan to provide the vaccine for millions. All he has done is bluster and lie and create chaos.

Yes, I am venting! I feel I deserve it. To think, in my 88th year, I would have to put up with our president’s antics and hysterics is frustrating and debilitating. January 20 cannot come soon enough.

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