99 days and counting.  At the beginning of this pandemic in March I had no idea we would still be in crisis mode.

We have gone from everything is closed to Phase 1 with limited openings to Phase 2, which almost, but not quite, feels normal.  In many areas of the United States infection cases are rising.  Even here in Eugene there has been an uptick.

I live in a senior retirement center and little has changed.  Meals are still delivered to our apartments, because the dining room is closed until further notice.  Exercise classes are held with masks and six foot distancing.  In fact, six foot distancing anywhere in the hotel is the rule.  One person at a time in the elevator.  For me, it still feels like March, without the hope of it getting better.

In addition to the pandemic, we are also in a financial depression, a do or die election cycle, and are seeing an upsurge of protests on the left and right and center.  Never before have I felt such gloom and doom when I consider the future of our lives.  I am trying to have hope for that is all I have left.

One can only hope.

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