A Virtual Life

94 days.  94 days of virtual life.  Exercise on tv or computer.  100+ tv programs, movies. Facebook and messenger live calls.  Books to buy online. Groceries ordered online and delivered.  Zoom family meetings. Tons of emails.  Rarely a real person to communicate with.

Phase 2 of the pandemic here in Eugene, Oregon.  What to do or not to do.  It is scary to get back out there after so many hours in my apartment.  Want to get back into some activities with other people, but fear is holding me back.  Today I had planned to go back to the exercise class.  When the time came I froze. There is an uptick in the number of Covid cases.  If that person is not wearing a mask could I be infected?

All I can do is try.  Tomorrow is another day.  Wish me luck!

One thought on “A Virtual Life

  1. If you wear your mask, practice safe distancing, and don’t touch anyone or anything, you will be fine. You don’t have to stay for the full class. Start off slow

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