To Go or not to Go

I am pushing 90 and this is Day 90 of the stay home, wash hands, wear masks and stand 6 feet apart.  It has been a long emotionally draining 3 months.

In Eugene Oregon we are in Phase 2 of the reopening, although Governor Brown has slowed that for a week due to the spike in cases, which is troubling.  There are 6220 active cases in Oregon. 92 in Lone, I mean Lane County at the present time.  183 have died.  An evangelical church in Union County is responsible for a spike in cases, due to a prayer meeting the end of March.  Traffic is flowing.  Some restaurants and bars are open, with strict guidelines for space and masks.  Parks are open.  Gyms are open.  The mall is opening.

Living in a retirement community is wonderful.  I have a great apartment on the top floor with a view of downtown and the distant mountains.  Activities open.  Exercise, movies, walking, and other events have increased.

I still have my groceries delivered.  I am very cautious.  After 3 months of seclusion, it is a struggle to step into the flow with other residents.  Do I try the exercise class with a mask.  Do I walk with the group? It is a conundrum.  My mind says yes, but my body no. I must make a decision.

To go or not to go. That is the question.

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