Waiting for God

Day 85 of the Covid 19 shelter in place.

Why did I use a British TV series as my title? “Waiting for God” is a witty view of a senior retirement home.  When I lived in England in the 90s I watched it and thought it very entertaining.  Little did I know that in 2020 I would be living in a senior retirement home myself. Like the English version I have a nice apartment and there are (were) activities and dinner in a lovely dining room (that stopped March 21).  Our dinners are delivered around 5pm every night.  Masks required. No visitors.  Limited activities.  We are now in Phase 2 of the quarantine.  For those of us over 65 not much has changed.

I started out with a good attitude in March, but 85 days later it feels very lonely, in spite of Zoom family meetings, phone calls, and trips to the store.

I am 87 and  it does feel like waiting for God/Goddess.

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