Home Alone

We are alone, but not alone, because millions of people all over the world are in the same boat.  I like being alone, but it is different when it is not by choice.  I thought I would do a lot of writing, but my mind does not feel very creative.

Actually,  I live in an independent retirement home with over 87 other residents.  However, we have to be extra careful due to our ages.  Up until now we have had no cases of the virus 19, but that has changed.  A 60 year old woman died in hospital and was tested post mortem 2 weeks ago. Positive. A 69 year old man is living at home with the virus.

The Hotel has instituted new guidelines.  Front doors are locked.  Residents can enter with a personal code.  No visitors allowed. Deliveries are made at the front door to be picked up by staff. Hand sanitizers available throughout the building.  No guests. Meal delivery is free.

This is a comfortable place to live, but it feels strange to be locked in except to get groceries or medicine.  However, this is our reality for the next 18 months.

Be kind to each other…

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