ZARDA…almost there!

Finished proofing the eBook proof yesterday!

Received an email from with this wonderful news:

“In just a few short weeks your book will be available for purchase worldwide!”

In 3-4 weeks ZARDA will appear for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In the following weeks ZARDA will appear at other retailers around the world.

This refers to the paperback print on demand book. While it is an”on demand” product, stores prefer to have actual inventory in their warehouse to ship out immediately. Amazon and others use sophisticated inventory tools to determine how many books they need to have on hand to ship to customers.

As soon as ZARDA  is in “pre-sale” status, I will let you know. 

During the presale Amazon uses their inventory algorithm (remember math?) to build a forecast for new titles, including ZARDA page views, adds to wish lists, and actual orders. This data is used to compile a 2 week inventory model.

Pre-sale activity is vital to the stock status and overall selling success of ZARDA. 

So, in a couple of weeks PLEASE check on Amazon of ZARDA, put it on your wish list…or buy a copy, of course. 

I will keep you updated on the progress of ZARDA as it travels through production!

WATCH THIS SPACE  for contests, chapter reveals, giveaways, and blog tours. 

Thank you for your support!



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