On this full moon, as I wait for my novel, ZARDA, THE JOURNEY BEGINS to be published, I have been browsing through my mind and spirit in search of my writing process.

I have read about authors who have an office and write there every day from 9-5. Others go to a special place, like the seashore or the mountains to gain their inspiration.

I seem to procrastinate. Or daydream. Or meditate. Whatever you call it, I am composing all the time, even at the supermarket.

The plot is based in a tarot reading. The characters are channeled. The conversations leap off the pages of books I am reading. The challenges are often found in the morning news.

Right now I am in the middle of Book Two in the Journey series. The reading and interpretation is done. Now I am looking into the blue sky and waiting for the words to form themselves into sentences and then into paragraphs and then to pages.

It looks as if I am doing nothing…but I am writing.

4 thoughts on “Browsing

  1. What a great description of your creative process, Gwen! Today’s blue sky is inspiring many of us to many achievements, I think!


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