Zarda is getting closer!

Received an email from BookBaby customer support today:

“We’re writing to confirm that our design department has reviewed the materials you supplied, and it looks like they have everything they need to start working. Within the next few days, you will receive another email with a link to review the PDF proof of your eBook front cover design.”

Definitely good news!

Here is a bit from Chapter 6:

“Four days before the Bonding Festival I awake, trembling, with a feeling of impending doom. Sitting up in bed, I try to focus on Manton. However, his being is blurred as if he were in the process of evaporating. I feel the spread of treacherous longing. I want Manton with such sudden intensity it frightens me.

Throwing off the covers, I quickly dress, slide my feet into my sandals, rush out the door, and toward Manton’s rooms, with a dedicated purpose. Looking neither right nor left, I ignore spoken greetings, and arrive at Manton’s door out of breath and shaking. Without knocking, I push the door open and am greeted by an almost empty space. Not only is Manton not here, but all his personal belongings are gone. Stunned, I abruptly sit on Manton’s lonely bed. Clutching his pillow, I can catch the slight scent of Manton’s maleness, after which I must remind myself to exhale. A prescient feeling seizes me. A trickle of perspiration runs from my hairline down my cheek and is soon joined by the force of my tears. Something has horribly, terribly gone wrong.

Eventually, a little girl peeks in the door and then enters. Standing in front of me, she speaks, “Why are you crying?” My sobbing continues. Tapi puts her small hand on my shoulder and repeats, “Zarda, why do you cry?”

Finally aware of the girl, I lift my head and use the pillow to wipe my face. Looking into the eyes of the frowning child, I ask, “Where is Manton?”

Tapi replies, “At the Temple. I can take you there.”

As soon as I approve the cover, Zarda will be available to preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells and other sites. I will let you know.

Thank you for your interest! Please share with your friends.


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