Zarda and the Moon

In my novel, ZARDA, the Journey Begins, the moon is a prominent character. Zarda is chosen by Arduina, Goddess of the Moon and is protected by her.

This last week in our local paper, The Eugene Register Guard, there was an article about a Moon Name contest. The Name the Moon Society has started an e-petition to ask the International Astronomical Union to give the moon a unique name like its counterparts that orbit other planets. Such moons are named Ganymede, Titan, Bianca and Belinda. “The most beautiful moon in the solar system – our moon – also deserves a unique name,” spokesperson Tawni Henderson said. The group is promoting its campaign with a name-the-moon contest, in which proposed names can be submitted for $1. Proceeds go to organizations working to solve water issues around the world. For info, visit

What would be your name choice be for our beautiful moon?

Send me your suggestions, please. You may win a copy of my book!

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