Zarda, The Journey Begins

Source: Zarda, The Journey Begins

Writing ZARDA has been a mystical experience for me.

Meditation, crystals, and tarot cards are an integral part of my writing. I do not use outlines or plot plans, but rather my intuition and tarot readings. As Zarda comes up against a challenge in her journey, I take the time to do a tarot reading. I have used tarot in my own life for many years and have become very familiar and comfortable with the cards. I chose the Aquarian deck in the beginning and still use it today. Putting the cards in both hands, I clear my mind and spend some time cleansing my mind. As I put each card on the table I begin to see a pattern and that leads me to Zarda’s inner thoughts, the environment, her past actions, how she is perceived by others, a lesson that needs to be learned, plus actions she will take. I am usually surprised by the actions, especially if they have a negative effect on her journey. Then I write a quick draft, based on the reading. I like to use a good pen and yellow lined paper. Then I transpose it to the computer, reread it, and then keep changing until I am satisfied.

Hopefully, the book will be ready in February. We are still working for the cover. I will keep you posted!


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